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For Your Service

Are you a VAC patient? 

Call us immediately. 

No referral is needed.

Approval is here! 

"Is this treatment covered by insurance?"

We have been working hard with many insurance providers. It's a very tangled insurance world out there.

Even under one company such as Blue Cross/Manu/Sun/GreatWest/etc____Life , there are endless plans.
Just because you are a Blue Cross/Manu/Sun/GreatWest/etc____Life member, does not mean that you have the same plan as your neighbour.



We urge you to call your plan administrator to ask the following:

1. Is "low wave shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, given by a nurse practitioner"  covered?

2. To ask if you have any flex money under your plan that can be applied to this treatment.

and most importantly:

3. To ask that this become a benefit for your particular group.

There have been many successful changes in benefits when enough members called to request a service!

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